The Case Of The Fake Banknotes Of 500 € Of The Casino Of Monaco

We invite you to relive a case that caused a stir in March 2016 in the world of online casinos and banditry and more particularly around the Monte-Carlo casino, victim of a scam. A case that has just been relaunched in the media this week, because the protagonists now know their sentences.

For a few hours, the Monte-Carlo casino was a pivotal place in the dreams of a few thugs who intended to make money with counterfeit 500 euro banknotes. A dream that was quickly shattered for this group of Bulgarian players who, involved in the trafficking of counterfeit money, are now paying dearly for their visit to Monaco and their attempted fraud. Apart from the youngest who was released, the other four have just heard of the sentence handed down by the criminal court: all four were therefore sentenced to terms of one, two and three years in prison. Two of the defendants have been imprisoned in the remand center since March 11, 2016 while a third, left free, was absent at the hearing.

It All Started In March 2016 …

The story begins with a warning from the Italian financial police on March 9, 2016. We learn that two crooks have put into circulation 42 counterfeit 500 euro bills. They would have managed to circulate these tickets by betting on the green carpets of the Sanremo casino and some suspicion would allow investigators to signal that they would be heading to Monaco. When the duo then shows up at the Monte-Carlo gaming tables, they run off other false denominations in poker, blackjack and roulette.

Increased surveillance of security and especially video surveillance then makes it possible to demonstrate that one of the two players alternately pulled counterfeit bills from his back pocket and real bills from his left pocket. The police question them and then analyze the counterfeit money which offers them the conviction that it comes entirely from the same sector. The police will then push their investigations very quickly and judiciously to the point of dismantling and arresting two other people linked to the group, which had rented a room at the Hotel Olympia, in Beausoleil and who were preparing to flee at the sight of the agents … But it will be in vain, because they will then be very quickly arrested during their flight, at the station around midnight.

While being questioned on the provenance of these rather crude imitations of banknotes by President Florestan Bellinzona, all the suspects deny having come to the two casinos with counterfeit money. They will even go so far as to say that the establishments concerned paid them their earnings with these same 500 euro banknotes after the investigators found counterfeit purple cuts in their effects. They will even use the term “Bin Laden” to nickname these notes that everyone is talking about, but that very few people have seen …

€ 11,500 In Damages

The magistrate then notes, saturated by the bad faith of the culprits: “For two years that you have been asked to tell the truth, you have always been repeating the same version. Be aware, however, that if the casino pays out winnings, the money comes from a checkout where it has been verified. Not at all table games! We are no longer close to one version. By contradicting your own statements, you make the examining magistrate look like a magistrate who tells nonsense. “.

Me Thomas Giaccardi, the lawyer who represents the SBM, estimates to have suffered a real damage amounted to 11,500 euros with 23 false notes found in his cash registers. Plus 3,500 euros in damages… She will then declare during the hearing: “The defendants are laughing at you. How can they be so naive in their incredible explanations? Perhaps the Sanremo casino will pursue them too… condemn them! “.

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